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Closet and Storage solutions, to maximize available space for functionality and beauty
We can help with your closet space and storage areas be it a small alcove, walk-in or larger closet space with all the amenities

Closet Space for 1940's home in Glendale
Upper and lower clothes hanging areas, a small bench seat with storage cabinet below and drawer set.

This open area room now has storage, hanging clothes and other items accessible, organized 
but also out of sight with attractive and functional cabinetry
( approx. 11 ft long x 8 ft high )

Closet Space and Drawer set
Desk and study area with upper cabinet storage, shelving & cubbies.
Space and easy access for kids room and upper storage for additional items

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We can help you get the space you have available organized, functional and beautiful!


Walk-In Closet for Home in North Phoenix

Large walk-In Closet for Home in North Phoenix. Traditional style cabinetry in a medium brown stained alder.
Includes lots of upper and lower clothes hanging areas, adjustable floor to ceiling shoe and boot shelves, dwer set, 
corner units and storage cubbies make this an attractive and organized space.


Closet Space for home in Queen Creek
Shoe Shelves, Clothes Hanging Areas and Shelving that maximized the available space 
that also created an attractive place to display and organize clothing, shoes and other personal items


Small Alcove converted to Closet Space
Upper Shelf, Clothes Hanging, Adjustable Side Shelving and Drawer Space.
An empty alcove area that was previously not able to be well utilized is now an organized, flexible storage and closet space
( approx. 6 ft long x 8 ft high )

Built-In Drawer Storage for Baby's Room
Flip down top drawer for powders, lotions and other small items
large storage drawer below for blankets, towels, etc.

Mud Room Bench Seat & Storage - Gilbert

Lower shoe shelves and upper cabinets and cubbies for easy access, seating area and storage of 
kids book bags, coats and other items they use as they come and go about their daily activities each day

( approx. 8' long x 8' high )


Laundry Room cabinets & storage

stained wood cabinets with laminate counter tops  for Cave Creek Home



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