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Most clients already have a design style and other features they are looking for in mind when they contact us. With so many web sites devoted to design ideas, currently trending and popular styles and home improvement programs that are now available it makes it fun and easy to search for and find something you will like or something very similar to what you are envisioning. This works great and makes the design and layout process more easily completed.

With custom made cabinetry though there is always the important element of making sure the dimensions and features requested will fit to the space they are built for. Special attention is needed to get all the necessary measurements and to plan for any other considerations or features of the space where the new cabinetry will be installed. This is also part of the design process. It takes extra time but well worth the effort to make sure your new cabinetry will fit as it should for a quality installation and beautiful end result.

For the majority of the projects we work on for clients the above is the basic process that is followed in order to provide the initial estimated cost and the process we use when you contract with us  -  to develop and finalize project details and the shop drawings we will use to build from.


For those that may have some ideas or a general style in mind but want more input on the design, layout and features - We also offer Design Services only that can help you get to the ultimate design and layout you are looking for. This service will provide a series of design concept sketches and/or illustrations for them to consider. 

As the client we would be providing designs for, you should be prepared to provide feedback and guidance along the way to keep the process moving in the right direction. This service would have an initial flat fee deposit of $250 to get started and to provide up to three design concepts. The drawings are yours to keep and use as you wish to either contract with us to build and install or to have another company build.

If you want to continue with the design illustrations and revisions from after the initial work is done, each additional layout revision would be billed on an hourly drafting fee schedule, depending on the complexity of the project design features. Hourly billing ranges from $25 per hour to $50 per hour. Contact us by email for additional information on Design Only services.