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Custom Wood Products & Property Services, LLC specializes in creating beautiful, custom made built-in cabinetry, custom wall units, book cases and shelving, closet & storage space and home office furniture in the color, style and layout that our clients envision.

Arturo is a Master Carpenter and Craftsman with almost thirty years of experience and knowledge in the art of finish carpentry.  He enjoys building  and creating beautiful custom made furniture and cabinetry for our clients home living spaces.  

We are not a production factory, all of your custom cabinets are personally designed and built by Arturo and Linda at our shop in southeast Phoenix.  For more information about our estimating, contract, design and work process click here.  

Our goal is to provide quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service to every client. To create beautiful wood furniture and cabinets for every client. Built-in wood cabinetry gives added Value, Beauty and Functionality to your home living spaces and we truly enjoy working with our clients to bring these elements together and make them into a wonderful part of their homes.

Linda & Arturo are your main points of contact and the owners of the business, so that you always know who you are working with from the start to the completion of every project.  For over twenty five years Linda and Arturo have worked together to provide exceptional design, build and installation services to home owners and residential clients in California, Virginia and now here at our shop in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Custom Wood Products & Property Services

Phoenix, AZ 85040

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Providing Quality Craftsmanship
Since 1990 in  Arizona | California | Virginia

Custom furniture and custom cabinets built to suit your style and living space. We enjoy creating beautiful wood furniture, built-ins and custom cabinets that will enhance your surroundings and be part of your home for years to come.

Custom wood cabinetry and furniture gives added beauty, warmth and functionality to your home or business... as well as added value. 

We will work with you personally from start to finish to create  a  unique project for your Home, office or business.

Design  |  Build  |  Installation

Areas served:  Chandler, Gilbert & East Valley
West Valley, North Phoenix, Fountain Hills, Scottsdale,
Paradise Valley  and the greater Phoenix Metro Area