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Contract  Installation  Terms

Scheduling the Installation of your Project

All projects must be scheduled for installation within two weeks of completion (unless other arrangements have been discussed and approved by CWP in advance) Storage charges will apply if client cannot be available as agreed per the terms & conditions of the contract.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT schedule for late afternoon or evening installations. We can however 
accommodate weekend mornings if needed or requested by the client.

Preparation    (Please Read this information carefully to be prepared on the day of installation)

The area where the installation will take place and access to the area must be cleared as needed in advance of the scheduled time of your installation in order for us to be able to start our work in a timely manner.

It is the clients’ responsibility to have work and access areas cleared as agreed to per the Contract Terms and Conditions so that we have sufficient space to bring in your new cabinets and any necessary tools and equipment needed for the installation.

Clients should disconnect and move away from the work area any electronics or computer equipment and peripherals. Custom Wood Products personnel will not be responsible for any damage that might occur should the client decide to leave these items out where work is taking place.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT move furniture, (remove) carpeting, TV's, electronic equipment, personal belongings or any other household or office items - WE ALSO DO NOT REMOVE, CUT AWAY OR DISPOSE OF EXISTING CARPETING.

**If existing carpeting is to be replaced it will be the client’s responsibility to have it removed BEFORE day of install, or to cut away enough of the carpeting to accommodate the depth of the new cabinetry. This includes removal of the tack strip, nails, glue and other carpet edge fasteners. Carpet must be removed not just ‘rolled’ back.

Refer to our 
Terms & Conditions for additional information on what is not included in the quote or installation charges

Additional charges to cover costs of any delays or extra work, will be billed a minimum charge of $150 if clients are not ready on the day of the scheduled installation as agreed to herein or as indicated on any other project documents.

We do our best to not take up more of your time than is absolutely necessary but also want to ensure a quality installation. Plan for anywhere from 5 - 6 hours or longer depending on the size and complexity of your project.

Additional Information
There will be some dust and noise during the install. We will need an accessible area outside or in a garage/ carport area with electrical outlets available to do the finish trim cutting or any other adjustments needed.

Any cabinet, shelving or other items we build and install that are taller than 4’ (four feet) above floor level must be attached and/ or fastened to an adjoining, solid surface in order to comply with all applicable safety regulations and licensing requirements. This may include drilling holes in walls, attaching fasteners to wall supports, beams or floors and ceilings. It may include masonry surfaces as well. This requirement cannot and will not be waived.

Balance will be due and payable the day of installation. We will provide you with a copy of the final invoice 
for your records with deposit amounts paid and any remaining amounts due. 

Forms of payment accepted at this time are:   Checks ONLY.   Thank you for your cooperation.

We look forward to seeing you on the day of your scheduled installation!
Linda & Arturo


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