You can probably get someone to quote a less expensive price for your project.. but there will always be a trade-off
in regards to the 
quality of materials used and workmanship you'll get for the price you pay

While other companies offer  custom cabinetry, most are actually factory produced cabinets with the customization in the form of choosing from their
particular selections of pre-designed styles and options which they or a sub contractor would then install. 
See the descriptions below 
for each type of commonly available cabinet and furniture options. 

At Custom Wood Products & Property Services we specialize in creating quality, truly custom built cabinetry.  So if you are looking for something more specific or unique for your home we can help design and create beautiful cabinetry for your living area, family room, home office and more.

cabinets are fully prefabricated and sold as-is at many types of retail stores. They can usually be taken home the same day or within a few days.  Some require assembly once you get home. These cabinets are usually the least expensive (less cost and lower quality – don’t expect these to hold up and look good for very long - you’ll get what you pay for) at about $60 to $200 per linear foot. 

 cabinets allow for some customization and must be ordered from the factory, a dealer or a retail store that sells them to the public. They require longer lead times to build and have installed - depending on availability, production and sub-contractor/installers schedules. Although there is some customization, these types of cabinets 
are still mass produced in large factories that make the specific lines of furniture and design options offered by that company. These 
cabinets will cost about $300 to $800 per linear foot or more in some cases (mid to high range cost, average quality) but not always a great fit for what you might want or need. 

Fully Custom Built 
cabinets are truly custom made by a carpenter craftsman to fit the space they are built for and the clients preferences.  
Better control of quality, scheduling and more personalized customer service. Timing for custom made cabinetry depends on the size of the project and how many projects are contracted for at any given time. For most though lead times are generally about 6-8 weeks out.  Custom made cabinets can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,200 per linear foot depending on type of wood, style, decorative or other functional features requested. 

Higher quality, durability and built to fit the space they are made for with the design elements you want