We support the concept and practice of working towards creating a more sustainable environment for the people, animals and wildlife that live here.

Below is a listing of recycle centers and other places that provide drop off and/ or pick up for many types of recyclable or reusable items. These companies and organizations contribute to the efforts of sustainability by taking donations or buying used items and other materials to recycle and reuse. We hope you find this information useful.

Stardust Building Supplies
– 3 locations in Phoenix, Mesa, the west valley Phone: 480-668-0566 

You can donate almost any type of building materials that are then resold and reused at a 50-80% discount.

They also offer Deconstruction Services and encourage people to reuse and re-purpose old cabinets, fixtures and other building materials rather than demolition and sending to the landfills. Been around since 1997 - they reinvest in the local community as well with various services and programs.

Westech Recyclers 1008 W Madison, Phoenix AZ 85007 Phone: 602-256-7626 

Certified Recycling – Data Destruction – Contributor to Community schools and Non-Profit Organizations since 1998. We have been using Westech for many years, always easy, no hassle drop off for pretty much any type of electronics, computers, old cables, etc. 

ER2 – Electronic Responsible Recyclers 730 E Southern Ave, Mesa AZ 85204 Phone: 602-688-5800 

Certified Recycling – Data Destruction – Resale of rebuilt computers and other technology – Also buy scrap metal, wire, copper, aluminum and circuit boards. 

Not sure how long this place has been at this location but have never had a problem dropping off items, staff is friendly and helpful. Seem to have a large selection of rebuilt computers, laptops, monitors, etc. for resale. 

PD Shred – Premier Document Shredding 2204 W 1st St, Tempe AZ 85281 Phone: 480-829-0089 520-461-1709 

They do single box shredding, commercial pick up and business services. We have been going to PD Shred for years, since they had their place in Mesa. This location is a bit off the beaten path but we still like going to them. Fast, reliable and reasonable price.

We also like the idea of supporting a local business owned and operated by retired police officers and veterans. They do a great job and always easy drop off and payment. 

Phoenix Fibers – 400 E Ray Rd., Chandler AZ 85225 Phone: 480-963-3277 
Textiles Recycling since 2011 part of United Fibers and Bonded Logic 

Recycle denim and other cotton fabric which is then manufactured into various other product and have a zero waste philosophy whenever possible. Items they can’t use are resold to other recycling facilities. 

Found out about this place a couple years and use them for clothing that is too worn to be donated elsewhere. Great way to recycle clothing and other cotton materials! They are also involved in fundraising in the community for schools, churches, youth groups and other local charities. 

Goodwill Industries – Household items, Furniture and Clothing
Sell clothing and household items at discounted pricing. They also help the community by providing employment opportunities and support to career centers throughout Phoenix metro, Northern Arizona and Yuma.

Habitat for Humanity – ReStore Phone: 623-551-6000 623-583-2417

Discount home improvement and thrift stores. Four valley locations in Phoenix, Tempe, Peoria and Anthem. Habitat also works in the community to help build affordable housing and renovate existing homes through partnerships with cities and volunteers.

Also like Stardust - ReStore and Habitat provide Deconstruction services that are a no-cost solution to remove kitchen cabinets, appliances, bathroom fixtures and doors from a space before a remodel or renovation.

Home Depot and Lowe’s offer recycle bins for things like rechargeable batteris, light bulbs, old cell phones and more. Check out your local store for details.

Dewalt Factory Service Centers – have a large bin by the door where you can drop off small hand tools to be recycle or re-manufactured. They also have a program that offers discounts on new tools and equipment when you trade in the old ones.


Use your city or other Recycle Programs for cans, bottles, packaging, etc.

Reuse old building materials such as bricks and blocks are used to make raised garden beds and for edging.

Compost food scraps, leaves and other yard trimmings to make mulch for gardening. 

Donate old clothing and furniture to various charities and really old clothing can go to a fabric recycling plant such as Phoenix Fibers to be made into new things.

Scrap metal and cans can be traded in for some cash or donated to organizations that collect to earn money for various programs or charities.


Wood scraps, sawdust and other materials are donated to local craftsman and businesses to be re-used and recycled into other products, wood crafts and art work.

Finish products we use:

Mohawk brand Wiping Wood Stains - we typically apply first coat and let set for a minimum of 24 hours before applying a second coat as needed to achieve a rich, deep even coat and color finish.

Mohawk products meet maximum VOC content for job site application anywhere in the U.S.A. and comply with state recycling rules, as a member of PaintCare®. Mohawk Finishing is registered with the EPA as a producer of architectural products.

MV 22 Sanding Sealer

550 COMPLIANT, LOW VOC (volatile organic compounds)



Unilac 100/35 Lacquer top coat

HAPS FREE (hazardous air pollutants) , SELF-SEAL READY TO USE


For 'painted' finishes we use:

MV 22 Sanding Sealer - Tinted to the desired color chosen by the client

Unilac 100/35 Lacquer top coat - Tinted to the desired color chosen by the client

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