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Contract Agreement Terms   &    Consultation and Estimating

In order to provide the most accurate quote we require you to schedule a Consultation. At the consultation, we will discuss the details of your project with you and note any special considerations. Once we have all the information needed we can work up an estimate and send the requested quote. Initial consultation, estimate and basic layout sketch are provided at no cost.  However a signed contract and deposit are required to continue with any design layout revisions beyond the preliminary concept.  

** For Current Lead Times out to start dates - these are estimated times out from the date they are given only. These estimated lead times can and do change frequently. We provide the most accurate lead times out as possible according to projects already on the shop calendar and contracted for.

ALL scheduling is done by Email to: For quickest response to inquires - send all questions or requests for information by Email. We usually can respond within 24 - 48 hours.

Are an approximate cost based on initial measurements, size, style, type of finish, etc., complexity of the project and the estimated time to build, deliver and install. We do our best to estimate as close as possible the total cost for all factors known at the time a quote is provided. Quotes are good for 30 days only.
Although we may provide a basic layout or concept sketch along with the estimate,  a signed contract and deposit are required before proceeding with any further concept or design revisions.

Contract and Deposit
BOTH an original signed hard copy of the Contract and a 50% Deposit are required in order to get your project assigned a spot on the shop calendar.
Forms of payment accepted:  Checks Only

Project Concept and Design
Preparing and providing a visual representation of your project takes time and can be a very helpful tool in the design process. Only after we receive your signed contract and deposit, we will work with you to refine and finalize the layout and design details of your project. This will be done through drawing revisions by email and in-person meetings as needed. Up to three drawing revisions will be provided, further revisions will incur drafting fees.  

If details are modified from what is originally quoted in size, style, included features, etc. pricing will change accordingly.. an updated estimate will be provided to the client once final details have been decided upon.

Build and Installation
Once final details have been decided  a start date will be provided. Most projects have a two to three week build time from that date and a one to two day installation.  Any changes made after the build begins will incur additional charges.

It is the responsibility of the client to have areas cleared and ready on the day of scheduled installation - we DO NOT move furniture, remove carpeting or flooring, electronic equipment or other household items - Read carefully the copy of Installation Notes provided here and per the terms of the contract  in order to be ready on the day of your scheduled installation. 

Final Balance is Due upon Completion on Day of Installation.  Forms of payment accepted: Checks Only

Materials, Hardware & Specialty Items
Material and style samples will be provided as needed before work begins. This can include but is not limited to: wood type, stain color, style of cabinet/ drawer facings, trim, molding, architectural glass type, lamination or melamine choices, paint color, etc. 

Any specialty materials that are substantially higher in cost from what was originally estimated that are chosen or added by the client during the design process or any time after what was originally quoted may add to total final cost.

Color of Stain or Paint  (Matching & Blending)
We use Mohawk brand wiping wood stains and Unilac finishing products. Clients can choose from the standard stain colors available. There are a wide range of choices that are included in the price of a project. Designer or Radiant series stains are also available for an additional charge. We also have a limited number of solid colors available at no additional charge.

Clients are also welcome to choose any color paint or stain they would like - However a mixing/ tinting fee of $55 per color will be charged and client must provide us with the brand, color name and number in order for us to have it mixed.

If a match to existing furniture or cabinets is requested we must have a sample door or drawer face to use in the matching process. We can match very close in a manner that will blend well with existing units but we cannot guarantee an exact match. Only a close approximation to the original is possible due to factors such age of existing cabinets, brand or type of stain originally used, type of wood, exposure of original to light, heat, etc. Special mix fee of $55 per color also applies to any stain or coloring matching that is requested.

What is NOT included in a project quote
Granite, Formica or similar counter top materials, removal of existing cabinetry (unless previously discussed and agreed upon in advance), mirrors, under-cabinet lighting, or any type of electrical, plumbing, drywall, flooring modifications or removal including the removal or cutting out sections of existing carpeting is not included. It is the client's responsibility to have existing flooring or carpet removed or cut away from the work area as needed in advance of the installation of their new cabinetry.

** Cabinet hardware  (knobs, pulls and handles) - There are hundreds of different types and styles available and it is not possible for us keep these items in stock. All handles, drawer pulls, knobs or specialty and decorative items will be bought and supplied by client - before the installation is scheduled so that we can install them at the shop.  See our web site page: Cabinet Hardware Sources for more information and suggestions on where to find these if needed.

Any cabinet, shelving or other items we build and install that are taller than 4’ (four feet) above floor level must be attached or fastened to an adjoining, solid surface in order to comply with all applicable safety regulations and licensing requirements. This may include drilling holes in walls, attaching fasteners to wall supports, beams or floors and ceilings. It may include masonry surfaces as well. This requirement cannot and will not be waived.


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